Garage Door Security San Bernardino Tips

Keeping your garage door closed by way of your remote control opener is one of the best ways to add home and garage door security. But, sneaky thieves have ways of getting into your home through your garage. Follow these simple tips to keep unwanted guests out of your home by securing your garage.

One of the easiest things to do to secure it is to keep the door closed. Install a door monitor just in case you happen to leave it open while doing the lawn mowing or while the kids go out for bike rides and forget to close it on the way out. The monitor will signal an alarm for you so you know to close the door.

Automatic doors are excellent security features. The door will close whether you remember to close it or not. Do not forget to add a deadbolt to your service door entrance so that you add an extra layer of protection. This is the doorway that leads from the garage to the inside of your home. It should be secured just like your front or back doors are.

Once you have locks on your service door, do not forget to lock it when you enter the home. It can be easy to slip into the habit of forgetting to lock it. You might assume that as long as the garage is closed you are fine. Always remember to lock it just in case.

Cover your garage windows with curtains or window film. This will keep prying eyes from seeing anything of value inside the garage.

Finally, make sure the garage is well lit. A motion-sensor outdoor light is a great way to add more security. If anyone approaches the door at night, it will switch on and flood the area with light. These lights are great for garage door security.